I was diagnosed with a rare mucosal melanoma and underwent several rounds of chemotherapy which had an enormous toll on me. My oncologist had me try an immunotherapy treatment, but I had horrible side effects and had to discontinue. My only option was chemotherapy again, but we were all unsure if I could handle more rounds of carboplatin and paclitaxel. I figured at this point, I didn’t have too much to lose so I started to see Dr. Drouin in hopes to minimize my side effects especially my nausea, dry eyes and candida. I was also struggling to eat and had lost a lot of weight. After just a few weeks, I noticed my energy was better and my nausea was much better. My thrush got better and I was able to maintain my weight. Right now, I have almost completed my chemo and I am hoping to qualify for a drug trial. The second time receiving chemo ended up being more manageable and I credit the addition of Dr. Drouin to my cancer team and the integrative approach she offers for cancer care.