Dr. Drouin has been an amazing support as I have transitioned from peri menopause to being post-menopausal. As a small business owner which requires a lot of physical demands, a mother to a son with chronic illness and a wife to a husband also with significant health issues, my stress level can be significant. I have no margin for any increased stress or restless sleep due to hormonal imbalances. Dr. Drouin supported my health by providing me with access to herbal tinctures which assisted in reducing anxiety, restlessness and hot flashes associated with hormonal changes. Both my general physician and ob/gyn commented on how I was managing this hormonal transition so well and encouraged my use of these herbs as a gentler but very effective way to manage symptoms rather than harsh pharmaceuticals often prescribed to women at this time of life. Dr. Drouin was very thorough in her assessment and follow up and is an incredibly compassionate and attentive doctor. You will be blessed to have her as your ND! Watch your life change for the better!